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A Creative 50 response for Manchester International Festival. 

Filmed at Hope Studios and live streamed online
04 / 07 / 17

Women Rule Manchester" (or #WomenRuleMcr) is a durational interview and live performance project capturing the diverse identity and opinions of Manchester's women, their relationship to the city and their hopes for the future. 

Over 30 women from different generations and backgrounds met at Hope Studios to share their unique perspectives and let us learn a little bit about them. 

The piece responded to the performances "What Is The City But The People?" and "What If Women Ruled The World?" as part of Manchester International Festival's Creative 50 artist development programme.

"Women Rule Manchester" aimed to inspire discussion of identity politics, culture, feminism, the future, exploring the confessional nature of the internet and the vlogsophere and inspiring intrigue and sentiment. The project is inspired by the work of theatre companies Quarantine, Forced Entertainment as well as viral video culture and performance artists such as Marina Abramovich.

The project took two forms; the first a 3 hour live stream of the interviews themselves taking place between 6pm and 9pm on July 4th, and the second a short viral style video briefly documenting those who participated in the interviews, released shortly afterwards. 

Women Rule Manchester is a project by Megan Marie Griffith and Girl Gang Manchester as part of Manchester International Festival's Creative 50 programme. 

Thank you to all the incredible and interesting women that volunteered their stories - you were wonderful! 

#womenrulmcr #girlgangmcr #creative50 @girlgangmcr

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