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Young People's Project

27 / 01 / 17

A Brexit-fuelled lock-in with true stories, live music and honest discussion from Manchester's under 30s. From the light-hearted and anecdotal to the raging and epic, this event created an arena for passion to meet politics to create a shared story to become a call to arms.

Undivided is a national campaign that wants to give young people a voice in the Brexit negotiations. It does not seek to reverse the referendum result, but instead to move forwards by setting out where we go from here as a country.Through events around the country, Undivided will gather the top ten demands as stated by under 30's and present these demands to Parliament.

A collaboration between Girl Gang Manchester and Collision Theory with funding from the Undivided Campaign.


As a young Leave voter, I was pleased to find this event welcoming and non-judgmental. I felt comfortable sharing my experiences and was interested to hear other people's opinions.

The performances made me think about different aspects of British culture and Brexit and there were lots of interesting opinions in the discussion. I hadn't heard about the demands portal so am pleased there are more ways to have my opinions heard.

The evening was really interesting and it was a great opportunity to open the wider debate of Brexit and what we want from Brexit. Everyone was very engaging and raised many interesting points, it was a pleasure to witness and be a part of'.

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