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recorded by Brown Girls Do It,
with our Romy & Michele
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As part of The Lowry's Week 53 Festival, we presented an immersive celebration of the 90’s slacker gal classic celebrating life long friendships, repairing youthful wounds and reminding us all that it’s OK to be awesomely average.


Two inseparable friends return to their high school reunion armed with a poorly conceived plan to impress their former classmates.


Using decor, performers, workshops, speakers, participation, party bags, dressing up, dancing and much much more (!), we aimed to create a fun, meaningful, accessible event that encouraged creativity, collaboration, confidence and community.   


Audience members were told to expect big wows, business woman specials, a fun and frisky use of colour, and a totally tremendous time!

Photos on this page are taken by Fiona Finchett and Ellie Ragdale and poster design by Joy Morris - many thanks!  

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What people thought...

“It was superb! I always feel welcome at girl gang events and talking to new people isn’t awkward. The activities build confidence and are so much fun, I love the solidarity. I feel supported, like it’s a big GG family”

“I felt all warm and fuzzy! I thought Hell yeah girl power and female friendship is amazing”

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