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The Girl Gang community does not just exist in Manchester!


It began in Sheffield, then one of their members brought it to Manchester, another later took it Leeds and as of 2018 we now have Girl Gang Edinburgh too!  

All four are linked and are there to help each other out, yet operate independently within their cities. Check them out! 

Girl Gang Manchester is a fluid collective that works with so many talented, kick ass people it is hard to list them all. We have tried to link to people in our events pages where relevant, but here are some more of the many other women we are lucky to have joined forces with in the past or continue to work with now. Please drop us an email if you feel we are missing anyone! 

Between organising our events, we try to join forces and/or show support for causes we believe in and charities working and raising awareness within our city. From collecting to marching to shouting about things online, we try and do what we can to support what we feel is important and the people trying their best to better the world from their corner, whether that be from parliament, Albert Square or someones living room. 

Looking out for each other can only lead to better things. 

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