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Released on 16 / 05 / 17

In May 2017, Girl Gang Manchester proudly launched our first Zine, responding to the theme of 'Self'. This loosely linked to our #SeeMySelfie Project but explored the issues, celebrations and sometimes problematic relationships we have with our own 'self' through a variety of ways.

Special shout out to Anita Smith, Nina Fellows and Kirsty Morrissey for collating the work, Textbook studio for help with printing on their beautiful Risograph Printer and G F Smith for the top notch quality paper. 

The zine contains poetry, thoughts, artwork, imagery and quiz's from a whole bunch of incredible creatives including; 

Natalie Wardle

Sarah Harris

Hannah Lamb

Sarah Steinhoefel

Lorna O'Brien

Irene Jade

Shona Hamilton


Sophie Hanson

Seleena Laverne Daye

Anna Nathwani

Rachel O'Malley

Zainab Abbass


Meg Mosley

Emily Benita

Lauren Coleman

The Zine was a limited run and has now unfortunately sold out in our shop. 

There is a copy of 'SELF' in Salford Zine Library and a few on sale in Bury Art Museum's Art Shop. 


Look out for more GG collective zines in the future! 

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