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Join the friendship revolution!

We run Speed Mate-ing events regularly!
Click here for upcoming dates
Past events;
3MT 7.10.17
Part of Lady Fest 2016
Texture 02.02.17
Part of Wonder Women 2017
The Wonder Inn  17.05.17
Amongst the #SeeMySelfie Exhibition
Texture 16.08.17
LGBT Foundation  21.10.17
Mini taster session - Part of Confidence Conference for Lesbian and Bisexual Women 
Texture 25.10.17, 13.12.17

Ever wished there was a tinder for friends? Feeling a bit lonely in the big city? Not any more you're not! 

Rebelling against the pressures of career based scenarios in which we are told to push through situations that make us feel uncomfortable in order to achieve, we regularly run a speed session so silly and inclusive that you'll step outside of usual comfort zone without even realising. Taking inspiration from dating shows, bad business meetings, teenage sleepovers, art attack and agony aunts, Girl Gang Manchester invites you to undertake creative challenges and respond to conversational topics, creating authentic connections between new friends, quickly and fear free! 


New dates in our 'Upcoming' section! 


'Thought the event was fantastic, extremely well run in terms of comms, logistics, the atmosphere of making everyone feel welcome through offering various options of answering questions etc - made everyone feel so at ease.'


'I enjoyed it. It did feel quite fast paced. But enjoyable. I started off nervous and left feeling confident and very self assured and motivated by meeting so many like passionate women.'

'Such a fun night. Any worries I had before instantly disappeared. Left the event buzzing- who knew there was so many cool ladies in Manchester.'


'Left on a social high...and a tiny bit tipsy.'

'Networking without the soullessness! It was a positive, fun experience and really made me want to reach out to more female-led groups in Manchester and of course return to Girl Gang!'

'Made me want to branch out, move out of my comfort zone! Made me realise I can do this, I just need to throw myself out there.'

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