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Women Rule Manchester (#WomenRuleMcr) is a continually evolving durational interview and live performance project capturing the diverse identity and opinions of Manchester's women, their relationship to the city and their hopes for the future. Women from different generations and backgrounds are invited to share their unique perspectives with audiences live and digital.

Participation is free, but a £5 returnable deposit is required to secure your slot.

Women Rule Manchester was originally created as part of Manchester International Festival's Creative 50 programme in July 2017. The livestream was watched by over 2,500 people and this and the short films created were featured on BBC Live. You can see the original projects here, and here.


Girl Gang Manchester are seeking a diverse range of people who identify as female, trans feminine or non-binary and live in Manchester, or greater Manchester to participate in short interviews about themselves, their relationship to the city, and their ideas about the future.

The project will have two parts, the first a 4 hour live stream of the interviews themselves, and the second a montage video of interview segments, documenting those who participated in the interviews.

The piece aims to inspire discussion of cultural identity, identity politics, feminism, future, sentiment, and an exploration of the confessional nature of the internet and the vlogsophere. It is inspired by the work of theatre companies Quarantine, Forced Entertainment, viral videos and performance artists such as Marina Abramovich.

The interviews will be conducted in a studio and will take just under ten minutes and will be live streamed to Facebook and shared across our other social media platforms. They will take place in immediate succession, so it is important we have a constant flow of people available. Participants will be asked to come in one hour slots between 10am and 4pm which will be arranged once we have enough people involved.

The cost: Generally people are terrible at not turning up for free things, and it's really important that we have a non stop flow of interviewees for the live stream otherwise it will spoil the project, so we are putting a £5 deposit on the booking purely to try and ensure people turn up! It's just a bit of insurance, you will get this £5 back plus a lovely time, some snacks and our eternal thanks if you come along (please do!) <3 If you'd definitely like to be involved but don't have £5 as a deposit, please message us on and we'll book you in that way.

Please share with anyone you think will be interested- your neighbour, local bar maid, nanna, best mate, teacher, carer- we would really love to get a cross section of people that reflects our wonderful city as accurately as possible!



Films from 'Women Rule MCR 2017'
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