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Join the friendship revolution!

We run Speed Mate-ing events every few months and, in early 2018, we took it from Manchester over to our sisters in Sheffield, Edinburgh and Leeds!  
Click here for Girl Gang Leeds
Click here for Girl Gang Sheffield 
Keep an eye open here for upcoming dates. 

Ever wished there was a tinder for friends? Feeling a bit lonely in the big city? Not any more you're not! 

Rebelling against the pressures of career based scenarios in which we are told to push through situations that make us feel uncomfortable in order to achieve, we regularly run a speed session so silly and inclusive that you'll step outside of usual comfort zone without even realising. Taking inspiration from dating shows, bad business meetings, teenage sleepovers, art attack and agony aunts, Girl Gang invite you to undertake creative challenges and respond to conversational topics, creating authentic connections between new friends, quickly and fear free! 

Approximately 75% of all attendees arrive alone, so if you are worried you will be the only one - rest assured you definitely won't be! 

Speed Mate-ing is open to people of all ages (we are ALL about a cross generational friendship!), genders, sexualities, races, classes, backgrounds, we just love people!

We can't wait to meet you all!

Arrive at 6.30 to get settled in, grab a drink or dive straight in with our guided ice breaker.

Buy your ticket in advance to avoid disappointment, many of these events have SOLD OUT and tickets will be selling fast as we haven't done one in a few months!

Get your ticket and join the friendship revolution! 


"It made me realise that there's quite a few people in the city who are trying to make connections. I felt less alone!" 

"It helped to renew my self confidence after a toxic relationship"

"It renewed my hope in finding friends"

For more quotes from past events, click here

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