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10 / 03 / 18
(Earlybirds £5)

We invite you to create and contribute to a cross generational dance party celebrating Mums!

We welcome Mum's and daughters of all ages to join us on the dance floor for a family function like no other.

Expect decor, dancing, photo booths and more to be announced!

DJ's Just Jane (Take Me To Church) and Hazel O'Keefe (Club Feminista/Dulcet Sounds) a pair of real life Mums and Manchester party legends will take to the decks to keep you dancing all night.

We play music from the sixties to the twenty-teens across all the genres going to give our nights mass appeal and accessibility to people from all ages and scenes. Let us know your age and favourite dance track so we can make sure we can cater to all artistic appetites.

All ages (18+), races, sexulaities, genders, all love! Dad's, sons, friends, families, and everyone on the trans, non binary and LGBT spectrum very very welcome indeed, come along and join our gang!

Texture is a wheelchair accessible venue and there will be seating available on the night. Any questions just get in touch.

See you on the dance floor xxx

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