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Exhibition and Events Programme 

‘Before resurfacing from our incredible launch party, we are absolutely gutted to announce that The Lowry is now closed until further notice, meaning so is our exhibition, Everything I Know, I Felt.

We are so thrilled with what we created. 2 years in the making & an incredibly intense few months. Blown away by each & every art work & honoured to count so many talented, generous womxn amongst our programme. It really has been a dream come true & we are absolutely gutted that all the hard work & love invested in this exhibition has come to a sudden premature standstill.
But in the wake of government updates & the situation internationally, we agree that, however disappointing on a personal & creative level, this is the right & responsible thing to do. People’s health & safety must be prioritised.

Our thoughts are with The Lowry (& all our loved local cultural institutions) who have been put in an incredibly difficult situation & are facing extremely difficult times ahead. Please do what you can, if you can. If you had tickets for events (particularly DIY ones) consider not requesting a refund if you can afford not to. We are going to have to fight for the things we love & support them all we can.
We do not know at this stage what this means for the rest of the exhibition & will keep you posted. 

The feedback from those 3 brief days has been absolutely phenomenal & we will share some of our stuff soon. We have absolutely ADORED seeing people’s posts from the exhibition so far, so if you went please tag us in to brighten our day/week, that would be so appreciated.
We have created a beautiful zine to go alongside the exhibition with work from many of the artists involved, as well as some gorgeous merchandise, so we will be posting that in the next few days so you can experience a little of the magic remotely.

Our thoughts are with anyone who is feeling the pressure health/mental health wise & financially. Particularly those with preexisting health conditions & unstable work. With constant cancellations & some of us in self isolation, we know first hand it Is a super tough time. Also thinking of our incredible front line services, and people working in super markets during all this wild panic buying. Be extra kind to everyone you encounter please <3

Solidarity & strength to all.

Girl Gang, in its essence, is all about bringing people together to share unique experiences. To connect, skill share & learn. So the idea of open ended social distancing is really hard to get our heads around. Tough times are always met with grit, determination and creativity, so once we’ve licked our wounds a bit, we will be thinking of ways we can all stay connected & look after each other during this very tricky & uncertain period.

With loads & loads of love, Girl Gang Manchester xxxxx


‘Everything I Know, I Felt’ is an experiential exhibition exploring the diverse emotional experiences of womxn. Celebrating big feelings in all their messy, multifaceted glory, the work embraces emotional intelligence and questions the societal value of vulnerability.

The exhibition provides a visually stimulating, tactile and empowering space for response, reflection and connection, including interactive installations, community projects, film, photography, performance, painting and poetry.

Comprised of new commissions and collaborations, the curation echoes the collective’s ethos to platform local talent, showcasing work from Manchester’s creative community, exhibiting at The Lowry for the first time.


Supported by project funding from Arts Council England.

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