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Making mates through healthy debate

A smaller, quieter alternative to our Speed Mate-ing events.
Upcoming dates:
3rd March 11am -12 noon
Tina's Tea Room @ Bury Art Museum

Five strangers, one hour and a lot to talk about!


Moderated by a Girl Ganger at all times to ensure a safe, respectful environment, Girl Gang Manchester presented it's new, calmer solution to the loneliness epidemic: Coffee Philosophy.


Built on the same values as our sell out Speed Mate-ing nights, Coffee Philosophy offes the people of Greater Manchester a chance to broaden their social circles and their minds.

For this event we present two discussion topics:

 - In activism, is is important to know the difference between assertion and aggression? Or is it just tone policing? 

 - Is and why is representation important in politics today? How will we achieve this? 


Book on to a table of your choosing, turn up, grab  coffee and make mates through healthy debate! 

Our past sessions and attendees have been absolutely brilliant, we are looking forward to our first session outside of the city centre!


This session is part of #TakeUpSpace at Bury Art Museum - a full day of special displays, talks, workshops and drawing sessions celebrating the centenary of the first votes for women and looking towards the continued fight for full gender equality. 

Very limited spaces - book your place quick! We ask that, before booking, you please ensure you are definitely free to attend as these sessions work so much better if the tables are full! 

See you there!

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